Wednesday, November 21, 2012

South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes stay true to name

As its name implies, South Beach Smoke puts the emphasis on its cool location and does not back down from the smoke when it comes to its electronic cigarettes. Based in Miami, home of the famed South Beach, this brand combines both the realistic and stylistic elements of the electronic cigarette market.

South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes replicate the look and feel of traditional cigarettes with a red-striped beige atomizer cartridge displaying the nicotine level, connected to an off-white 4.2-volt lithium ion battery with a gray and red logo. The batteries come in two sizes as either standard or larger with extra-capacity. The batteries should last on a charge for about 300-400 puffs or equal to a pack of traditional cigarettes or more depending on use.

One of the most distinguishing South Beach Smoke features is the orange high glow crystal style tip, which lights brightly within a silver ring on each puff. It’s definitely a less realistic, but more modernistic look that fits perfectly with the South Beach Smoke moniker.

Since its inception two years ago, South Beach Smoke has grown market share in the U.S. with a strong online presence and newly launched wholesale and retail channels. The company also has plans to expand online in the U.K. in the near future.

South Beach Smoke CEO Nick Molina believes his brand is leading the way toward educating consumers about the benefits of electronic cigarettes. “There are an estimated 2.5 million people who have already chosen e-cigs over tobacco cigarettes and that population continues to grow,” Molina said. “We’re working hard to raise awareness of the health, social, and financial benefits of e-cigs so that as many smokers as possible realize there’s a better alternative to what is truly an antiquated practice.”

Like other e-cigarettes, South Beach Smoke batteries contain a microcomputer smart chip, indicator light and battery cell that operate when the smoker inhales to vaporize the nicotine solution.

South Beach Smoke customers can choose from nicotine levels ranging from zero, six, 12 or 16 milligrams (mg). I sampled the 12 mg level, which provided consistent and smooth puffs strongly resembling traditional cigarettes. Each cartomizer is equivalent to about 20 cigarettes, according to South Beach Smoke.

The Deluxe Plus starter kit from South Beach Smoke contained two sizes of batteries, 5 cartomizers, carrying case, along with USB charger, wall charger and car charger. Currently priced at $89.99, the Deluxe Plus kit is a mid-range between the Deluxe kit and Deluxe Ultimate kit.

Other South Beach Smoke accessories and options include Reusable Express kits resembling a traditional cigarette pack, as well as disposable e-cigarettes in packs of four, eight or 12. As for flavors, South Beach Smoke offers as tobacco classic along with variations of tobacco blue and gold. Other flavors include menthol, vanilla, chocolate, cherry, peppermint, pina colada and peach, many of which are offered in variety packs.

Molina has a broad business background in technology, real estate and finance, while also contributing back to the community in the Miami area. He believes electronic cigarettes have a bright future.

“Many of those who use e-cigs are former smokers who I applaud for choosing a safer alternative,” Molina said. “With heightened consumer demand for a better lifestyle options across the board, the movement toward e-cigs came as no surprise to us. With numerous studies showing the use of e-cigs can dramatically reduce nicotine intake and in some cases, even help to remove nicotine from users’ daily lives, this movement is here to stay.”