Wednesday, January 23, 2013

88 lines about 44 e-cigs

E-cigs are the next big thing, smokin’ in a hi tech style.
Blu the color of the sky, ads with Stephen Dorff are cool.
Greensmoke seems organic, then again, aren’t they all.
V2 has a space age name, really smokes here on earth.

Bedford Slims from NYC, handlebar mustachio.
Safe Cig is John Cameron’s deal, his bro has Titanic taste.
E Cigs Unlimited, name’s too long for this line.
South Beach Smoke, makes Miami free to vape.
White Cloud keeps it high, in the sky with cool smokes.
American E-Liquid, lotta flavors from the States.
Metro has that city feel, in the stores and online.
Halo is so heavenly, angels might like this brand.
Eversmoke lasts so long, orange tip looks like it’s lit.
Totally Wicked dual coil, cool cartoons on their site.
Johnson Creek has the Vea, Midwest flavors you can try.     
Electronic Cigarettes Inc., boring name, exciting cigs.
Red Dragon puff this slogan, Arizona is their home.
Volcano blows its top, Inferno, Magma, Lavatube.
ProSmoke rates high, really not for amateurs.
Smoking Everywhere is the goal, planes, trains and some bars.
NJoy should be good, see them in convenience stores.
Gamucci an Italian name, but comes from the UK.
E-Swishers aren’t cigars, now they’re e-cigs that are sweet
Logics are disposable, Power Series is their line.
Vapor Corp. has several brands, Fifty-One smokes anywhere.
EonSmoke from New Jersey, lets you change more easily.
Big Bang is the bomb, starter kits and much more.
Divine Smoke party flavors, they’re from out east.
Jet Cigs has the flavor, starter kits with cool pack.
ROK they’re from Britain, bloody well good e-cig.
Evolve is disposable, really nothing wrong with that.
Ecigarator is no danger, just hanging in the swamp.
MadVapes are they crazy, we sure hope they’re not.
Ginger’s E-Juice has the flavor, American made all the way.
Virgin Vapor is organic, no more comment needed there.
Alice in Vapeland, Lewis Carroll might enjoy.
Vape Dudes must abide, many cigs in their stock.
Pink Spot Vapors hit the spot, pretty in any style.
777 not the Sunset Strip, e-cigs with some luck.
Highbrow Vapor ye e-cig, really isn’t from the past.
Solar Cigarette always sunny, always in Florida.
Really E-Cig comes from England, must be a smashing smoke.
21st Century Smoke in the stores, and online if you must.
E Cig Werks, that is me, I choose myself to end this list.